Teachers & judges 2018

Teachers and judges 2018
These are the following teachers and judges who have been invited for the Danish Open Bellydance festival 2018. Please visit the competition page for further information about who will be judging the different competitions and please visit our workshop page for full information on workshops topics and timetable.


esmeralda colabone com fotografia de gabriel weng 2 webEsmaralda Colabone from Brazil will be joining us at Danish Open Bellydance for the first time in 2018. Danish Open Bellydance are very proud to be able to welcome the Brazilian star Esmeralda Colabone for the first time to the festival and to Denmark.

Esmeralda Colabone started belly dance back in 1999, after many years of classic ballet and jazz classes. In 2002, she signed with La Maison de L’Artiste from Lebanon and BellyDance Brazil to tour the Arabic countries, becoming the youngest dancer in both companies. For twelve years, she successfully danced in the most prestigious hotels in the Gulf (UAE: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah; Al Ain: Qatar and Oman), the Middle East (Lebanon, Syria) and North Africa (Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria). In 2014, she decided to dedicate herself to teaching and choreographing and that’s when the world discovered her! Holland, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Guatemala, Japan, Malaysia, Sweden, Australia, Ecuador, France, Hungary, Slovenia, Spain have already had the turban dancer shining at their festivals!

Responsible for launching the Lebanese Style Workshop to the world, she’s also considered to be the new Samia Gamal. Esmeralda is the director of her own school in São Paulo and founder of The Raqs Al Jassad Ballet.

DivaDarina_mmexport1519812908959Diva Darina from Ukraine will be joining us at Danish Open Bellydance for the second time in 2018. Diva Darina is one of the most prominent and popular Ukrainian dancers. She is a professional teacher and choreographer. Darina is talented and charismatic and has an incredibly elegant style of dance, and her sensual choreography captivates audiences.

Darina is a multiple champion of Ukraine and winner of many prestigious festivals! She is one of the young stars of belly dance and already at the age of 13, she opened her own dance school, and at 14 she gave her first workshops. Now, Darina Konstantinova is one of the most popular dancers and choreographers, guest star and teacher at many prestigious international festivals. And her choreographies are danced by many professionals around the world! From 2016 Darina has been a teacher at the biggest festival in Egypt, “Ahlan Wa Sahlan”.


Azad Kaan from Turky (living in Germany) will be joining us at Danish Open Bellydance for the second time in 2018.

Azad Kaan is a professional graduate dancer, pedagogue of dance and choreographer for contemporary and oriental dance arts from Turkey. He belongs in his young age because of his huge expert knowledge in dance to one of the most successful and well-known teachers and choreographers for classical and contemporary oriental dance in the whole world.

As a passionate choreographer, full of spirits and huge warm aura in his classes, is A.K. for many dancers and students from all over the world one of the 1st addresses for learning special and unique choreographies to present them worldwide on festivals and make gigantic and unforgettable shows.

His movement repertoire covers a really huge spectrum of elements from jazz dance, modern dance, classical ballet, Latino dance, Flamenco, Hip Hop and Yoga. During his distinctive and fascinating dance style is A.K. the 1st dancer worldwide, who performs with his inimitable Style “Raks-Turk-î-Sanâd” to the song of classical Turkish Art Music. Mixing and creating the classical Egyptian and Turkish Movements is a special emphasis of him, to build up the dancers highly.

He is not only an impressive and powerful teacher! He is also very friendly, warm hearted and patient teacher with a clear didactics. Humour and enjoyment of dance have always top priority in his classes. Don’t hesitate to enjoy this young Turkish dancer with lots of fun, powerful movements and expressive steps and poses…HE is the “Turkish delight” of the oriental dance scene in the whole world.

DSC_9107a_fritlagtSuraiya from Poland. We are very happy to be able to welcome Suraiya Ibrahim to Danish Open Bellydance for the first time.

Suraiya is a famous Polish oriental artist and multi award winner who has enriched the dance community as both an international performer and a teacher for over a decade. Her dedication to the art of oriental dance, knowledge, teaching and performing skills have already been appreciated in over 40 countries on 5 continents!

Suraiya is well known for her technique, stage charisma and artistic interpretations of Oriental dance. Suraiya is also a frequent member of juries at international competitions (juror in 25 countries including World Cup, European Cup and Bellydancer of the World Contest). She owns the Arabic Dance Academy and Artistic Agency “Suraiya” and she is a founder and artistic director of Egyptian Fever Festival and Desert Roses Group. Suraiya is also a show and DVD producer.

Apart of dancing, Suraiya is also a certified fitness and Pilates instructor and Master of International Relations and Diplomacy.

CristinaDore_02489_fritlagtCristina Dore from Italy is a professional belly dancer, teacher and choreographer from Italy. Since 2002, she has studied with the best belly dance teachers in the world by following workshops, private classes and international festivals.

She was a BDE (“Bellydance Evolution”) ensemble member, an international company directed by world renowned choreographer Jillina Carlano. Cristina danced in BDE in the “Alice in Wonderland” production in Johannesburg, Mexico City and China tour (2015, 2016), and in the “Fantasm – Odyssey of Dreams” production in Hannover, Prague, Tuzla, Kehl and Rome (2017).

Cristina has won first place at international competitions in Italy and she performed as a guest at many belly dance events. She teaches in her own school and around her country and she performs both as a soloist and with her students.

As a teacher, her aim is to educate people on the true essence of belly dance, a dance which is centuries old and, she believes, a primary way of expressing emotion through the body.

26993958_10156834761598812_2388097688066400627_n_fritlagtSuzzane Sofia Potempa from Denmark has had Music been part of her life since childhood. Nevertheless, she trained as a nurse, and she has continued to further her education in physical exercise and health.

When she started bellydancing in 1986, it was like finding her place in life with the dance and music from the Middle East. She loves the feeling of playing music with her body, communicating the dance’s culture and teaching the dance’s diverse and beautiful movements. She has organized larger and smaller cultural events with dance and music since 1995, e.g. in Pumpehuset and in VerdensKulturCentret. For a period of 8 years, she would live in Crete over the summer where she taught and performed dance.

In her everyday life, Suzzane experiences Middle Eastern culture. Since 1997 she has worked with “health, physical exercise and integration” for immigrant and refugee women. The results she has achieved are so unique that they have been used in research at the University of Copenhagen and in the Nordic countries. Suzzane’s dance school “School of Oriental Dance” in Copenhagen celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2016.

Khader2_1_Fritlagt_pngKhader Ahmad from Lebanon (living in Germany).

Khader Ahmad was born in Lebanon, but raised in Berlin, Germany. He has already worked with famous oriental dancers and musicians. His clear and brilliant way of playing and his sensitivity have made him one of the most requested percussionist for years. He worked with popular Arabic singers and musicians such as Ahmad Adawea, Mohammed Mounir, Cheb Khaled and the legend Magdy Al Husseini. In 2012, he founded the band “RAQSA”, specialized in music of oriental dance. In 2014, he started a project named “DUM TAK Revolution” with his partner and producer Felix Neumann which combines traditional Arabic music with modern electronic pop, shaabi and belly dance. The project based in Berlin released the “DUM TAK Revolution Vol.1” featuring Alla Kushnir and in collaboration with Jillina. The second album “DUM TAK Revolution Vol.2” has also been released. The third album Dum Tak Revolution Vol.3 in cooperation with Sadie came out in June 2016. In 2017, started Khader the new music project “Oriental Beats”, a new album, which came out end of May 2017.

WoO_Messe2017_0590 sign-fritlagt copyNoura from Denmark is is a well-known and sought-after dancer and teacher all over Denmark. A dancer with her own style and a love for live music and improvisation. She has taught students in oriental dance and percussion for over 15 years. She loves the variation which the oriental dance offers and believes she will never stop learning new things about the dance. In the last years, she has had focus on the folklore genres in the oriental dance.

We have had the honour to enjoy Noura on the Danish Open Bellydance gala show stage many times both as a soloist, in a duet with Lena Helt and with the dance troupes ‘Shams El Amar’, ‘Folklore Troupe Denmark’ and her latest project Shaabilicious. This year, she will also give a workshop at the festival.

Together with Merrild, Noura has been organizing Danish Open Bellydance since 2012.

_MG_4840_DOBD2015_PhotoThomasBuchbergMaher Kish from Egypt (linving in Denmark) has been a part of Danish Open Bellydance from the very beginning in 2012. Maher has joined us every year with his bazar and we have had the pleasure of enjoying him on the Gala show stage more than once.

Maher is a fantastic teacher with roots to Mahmoud Reda. He has a passion for the folkloric styles oriental dance, e.g. nubian, saidi, meleya etc. and love to work with groups.

In 2018 Maher will give a workshop on Folklore inspiration. Of course, Maher will also be present with his bazar and you will see him perform in the Gala show.

Aliah_DSC_2198_PhotoVladimirKluchenkovAliah from Belarus (living in Poland) will visit us for the first time here in 2018. She is a professional belly dance performer, instructor, judge, and organizer of the “Dance Weekend in Warsaw with stars” festival. In 2013 she opened her she began teaching classes in Belarus. Her students became winners and champions of Belarussian contests. In 2014 her group became champion of Belarus in the Show category.  She has lived in Warsaw, Poland since 2015, where she where she is now teaching classes too. Her students dance on the best city stages and travel with her to visit festivals all over the Europe.  In 2016 Aliah organized a few dance events in Warsaw. Among them were a small tribal festival with workshops and a party and a big belly dance festival “Dance Weekend in Warsaw with stars” with world-famous belly dance stars invited. It attracted dancers from 10 countries: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Switzerland, France and Ireland. In addition to being a dancer, judge and organizer, Aliah is a designer of exclusive belly dance costumes, training clothes and accessories. Aliah will join us with her bazar.
Her web shop: http://shop.aliah.dance
Official social page: https://www.facebook.com/aliah.dance


4Q9A3414_fritlagtSharon Blade from Germany is a dancer with a background in Oriental dance who fell in love with Tribal Fusion in 2008 when she saw the style for the first time in Youtube videos of Sharon Kihara and Rachel Brice.

After practicing belly dance since 1999, she decided to extend her dance repertoire and learn Tribal Fusion too. The magic, power, elegance and the way to express emotions in this dance style continues to fascinate her and is now part of her own style. Sharon does a lot of “dance and travel“, and takes opportunities whenever she can to learn from well-known Tribal Fusion stars or perform on national and international stages like in Prague (Czech Republic), Odessa (Ukraine), Copenhagen (Denmark), Vienna (Austria), Barcelona (Spain) or St. Gallen (Switzerland) and various places all over Germany. She has been a student of Melli Sarina’s since 2016 and is taking regular classes with her. As a duo, they have performed all over Germany and last at Austria’s “CarVie 2017”.

In addition to dancing, Sharon started modelling for the German Tribal Fusion Design Label „ShaliSari“ in 2017 and she was the face of the 2017 collection.


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