Teachers & judges 2018

Teachers and judges 2018
These are the following teachers and judges who have been invited for the Danish Open Bellydance festival 2018. Please visit the competition page for further information about who will be judging the different competitions and please visit our workshop page for full information on workshops topics and timetable.



Esmaralda Colabone from Brasil will be joining us at Danish Open Bellydance for the first time in 2018.

Diva Darina from Ukraine will be joining us at Danish Open Bellydance for the second time in 2018.

Azad Kaan from Turky (living in Germany) will be joining us at Danish Open Bellydance for the second time in 2018.

Azad Kaan is a professional graduate dancer, pedagogue of dance and choreographer for contemporary and oriental dance arts from Turkey. He belongs in his young age because of his huge expert knowledge in dance to one of the most successful and well-known teachers and choreographers for classical and contemporary oriental dance in the whole world.

As a passionate choreographer, full of spirits and huge warm aura in his classes, is A.K. for many dancers and students from all over the world one of the 1st addresses for learning special and unique choreographies to present them worldwide on festivals and make gigantic and unforgettable shows.

His movement repertoire covers a really huge spectrum of elements from jazz dance, modern dance, classical ballet, Latino dance, Flamenco, Hip Hop and Yoga. During his distinctive and fascinating dance style is A.K. the 1st dancer worldwide, who performs with his inimitable Style “Raks-Turk-î-Sanâd” to the song of classical Turkish Art Music. Mixing and creating the classical Egyptian and Turkish Movements is a special emphasis of him, to build up the dancers highly.

He is not only an impressive and powerful teacher! He is also very friendly, warm hearted and patient teacher with a clear didactics. Humour and enjoyment of dance have always top priority in his classes. Don’t hesitate to enjoy this young Turkish dancer with lots of fun, powerful movements and expressive steps and poses…HE is the “Turkish delight” of the oriental dance scene in the whole world.

Suraiya from Poland

Cristina Dore from Italy

Suzanne Sofia Potempa from Denmark

Khader Ahmad from Germany/Palenstine

Noura from Denmark

Aliah Kluchenkova from Poland

Sharon Blade from Germany




More judges and teachers to be announced!!! 

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