At the 2022 Danish Open Bellydance we offer 17 workshops and an Intensive course with 11 amazing teachers, where 2 workshops are FREE! 
Workshops are held Friday, Saturday &
Sunday 11-13 November 2022.

Please note that ALL workshops will be taught in English
– Description of each event can be seen below. A Facebook event for both the festival and each workshop will be available.

– General information, how to register and prices are found at the bottom of the page.
The headline of each workshop indicates the availability of the workshop right now.
Red: Sold out!
Orange: Limited space
Green: OK availability

SUMMERVIBES IN DENMARK – special deal on WS 11, 12 and 15 until 15 September. Discount of 100 DKK/14 Euros pr. workshop

Magical Raks Intensive Project with Kathreen Derouet, Czech Republiclets-dance-052
Time – Three days: 10-13 November 2022
Level: Intermediate to advanced
Theme: Oriental dance connects
Description: For the first time you can join an intensive course at Danish Open Bellydance and at the same time get all the benefits of the festival. Further information on topic, programme etc. can be found here

Friday 11 November

Workshop 1 – Margarita Kamjaka, Latvia Margarita Kamjaka 3
Time: 13.00-15.00
Beginner and intermediate level
Theme: Fan veil techniques and combinations
Description: If you always wanted to know how dancers make the fan veils stream so gracefully and beautifully through the air, then don’t miss your chance to take part in this workshop! We will start with basic technique and combinations, expand our dance vocabulary with graceful dance movements and enjoy dancing with new props.

Remember to bring fan veils!

FULLY BOOKED – Workshop 2 – David Abraham, Argentina _F2F7182-1
Time: 13.00-15.00
Level:Open level
Theme: Modern Mejanse
Description: In this workshop you will learn a lot of techniques and combinations to make your own choreography. We will make a short combination set to a piece of mejanse music, and using that technique you will apply the combination to your favorite mejanse music.


Workshop 3 – Dud Muurmand, Denmark DudMuurmand-BurlFus-300dpi-SarahSelwood
Time: 15.30-17.30
Level: Open level – and for any style of dancer. Even if there will be a certain focus on “belly dance styles”, it is not required to come with a certain background level, just an open mind and motivation to dance
Theme: FUSION 101 / Introduction to fusion in dance
Description: What does it mean to work with “fusion” in dance – how to get started, how to melt together styles and are there any “pot-holes”, things to consider beforehand? As with many other things, there are several roads to Rome, but in this workshop, Dud will give inspiration and technique exercises to help you get started – or to find new ways of working with your fusion style if you are a seasoned dancer. Dud will also share some tips from her own cross-training as a fusion dancer through many years.

We will work with 3 elements:

  1. TECHNIQUE: layering and isolation technique with elements from Tribal Fusion, Oriental dance, Popping/Locking
  2. STYLIZATION: arms / hands / flow – movement styles from different genres: Flamenco, Contemporary, Oriental + more
  3. EXPRESSION: storytelling / theatrical

We will work on these 3 elements separately at first in different exercises / drills and then they will be combined into a short and powerful fusion combo.

FULLY BOOKED! – Workshop 4 – Esmeralda Colabone, Brazil IMG_0227
Time: 15.30-17.30
Level: Intermediate to advanced
Theme: Dancing Farid Al Atrache
Description: In this workshop, we will learn more about this unique artist – The king of oud, Farid Al Atrache and we will dance to one of his famous tunes.

Get ready to look at Golden Era in a different perspective!
The workshops consists of technique and choreography. 

Workshop 5 (FREE) – Marcus M. Goodarzi, Denmark 71773508_1309944085851455_8888015716163256320_n
Time: 15.30-17.30
Level: Open level
Theme: Introduction to StickDo
Description: StickDo is a form of mind-body training based on the essense of balance in martial arts, general flexibility in modern physiotherapy and mental awareness excercises in Open Foucus Brain. StickDo connects the body and the mind together effortlessly. 

This workshop is about how to become one with the intelligence of the Stick in order to train flexibility, coordination and balance in a harmonious dance with gravity. 

In StickDo, you get to work with different components of balance, such as stability, mobility, precision, strength, rhythm, flexibility and attention. 

Read more about this amazing workout here:

Saturday 12 November

Workshop 6 – Margarita Kamjaka, Latvia Margarita Kamjaka 3
Time: 10.00-12.00
Level: Intermediate and advanced level
Theme: Fan veil choreography
Description: Do you want to surprise your audience with new fan veil choreography? Margarita will teach a new dynamic, powerful and at the same time feminine dance with fan veils.
Some combinations might be repeated from workshop 1, but of course explained again for new dancers.

Remember to bring fan veils!

Workshop 7 – Esmeralda Colabone, Brazil IMG_0227
Time: 10.00-12.00
Level: Intermediate to advanced
Theme: Lebanese Style
Description: In this workshop, we will learn more about the Lebanese process into bellydance and the most important steps and dancers that made history in the Levantine!

The workshop consists of technique and choreography. 

FULLY BOOKED: Workshop 8 – Noura, Denmark 
Time: 10.00-12.00DSC_9422_Fritlagt
Level: Intermediate/advanced
Theme: Staging – Project X
Description: Let’s fly away! In this workshop we will work with the beautiful musical piece Oceana, written by Paul Dinletir. The song is in 6/8 time (also known as a waltz) and has a wonderful atmosphere for Isis Wings.
Our main focus will first be to learn the rhythm and flow of the music through a fusion choreo that is named “Birds dance”.
The first part of this workshop will be online and then, at the festival workshop, we will work on staging the dance 
PLEASE NOTE: In this workshop we will work on staging our performance for the Taste of The Orient show, Sunday at the festival. You will therefore need to learn the choreography prior to the festival and be able to participate in the show Sunday. Online instruction videos will be sent to the participants no later than 8 weeks prior to the festival. You will also be invited to a closed Facebook group where we coordinate the performance.  


Workshop 9 (FREE) – Maizena, Denmark maizena grøn
Time: 12.30-14.30
Level: Open level – knowledge of belly dance is not required; other dance styles are also helpful.
Theme: Introduction to the cane in saidi
Description: Dancing saidi with a cane has references to the martial art called Tahtib, which originates from Upper Egypt. Today the cane has found its way onto the stage, where both male and female dancers perform the dance of saidi while using the cane. 

This workshop is an introduction to the basic technique for holding and twirling the cane while dancing. We will also look into using the cane both in a masculine way and a feminine way with combinations.

A limited number of canes can be borrowed during the workshop.

FULLY BOOKED! – Workshop 10 – Esmeralda Colabone, Brazil IMG_0227
Time: 12.30-14.30
Level: Intermediate to advanced
Theme: “Taksami” (Esmeralda’s Taqsim)
Description: Esmeralda’s exclusive taqsim will guide you in this two-hour workshop focused on flow, deep breaths and strong emotions!

The name of the workshop is “TAKSAMI” – this is the name of the music piece we are working with and it is composed by Samira Marana exclusively for Esmeralda. 

Workshop 11 – Bilal Irshed, Denmark/PalastineS4
Time: 12.30-14.30
Level: Open level
Theme: Introduction to Arabic music – Theory and performance art
Description: Arabic music is known for having a vast repertoire of music scales (Maqamat) and for its lively and also complex rhythmical patterns (Awzan).

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the most significant features and elements, which characterise Arabic music: Maqamat (music scales), Awzan (rhythmical patterns), Musical forms and styles, Taqasim (form for improvisation), Musical instruments, Historical background and Evolution of the tradition through history. 

The workshop will include a theoretical part as well as a live demonstration on the Oud and some percussion instruments.

The workshop will be instructed/moderated by the Palestinian/Danish Oud Player and music composer Bilal Irshed.


Workshop 12 – Margarita Kamjaka, Latvia Margarita Kamjaka 3
Time: 15.00-17.00
Level: Intermediate and advanced level
Theme: Drum solo choreography
Description: Looking for new movement and combination inspiration? Experience Margarita’s signature style with vocabulary of shimmies, hip isolations, layering movements and turns during this workshop. Come to this workshop to add a dynamic, playful and rhythmic drum solo choreography to your repertoire.

FULLY BOOKED: Workshop 13 – David Abraham, Argentina_F2F7182-1
Time: 15.00-17.00
Level: Intermediate
Theme: David’s Veil
Description: At the last edition of Danish Open Bellydance festival, this workshop was a sell-out success, so we will repeat it with even more and brand new veil tricks.

We can’t wait for it – can you?

Remember to bring your veil to this class!

Workshop 14 – Rachel Reynolds, USA/ItalyIMG_9069
Time: 15.00-17.00
Level: Open level
Theme: Dazzling Dabke
Description: In this workshop we will explore the different styles of Dabke from Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq. Rachel will demystify the music, the customs and the distinguishing steps. The workshop will dive into 3 different scenarios where Dabke occurs, such as: a casual gathering (like a dining or club venue), a community event (like a wedding or a protest), a theatrical setting (like a performance or a stage show).  

You will be guided through a mix of combinations, from basic to advanced. The class will include a video presentation, written descriptions of combinations covered and a list of music utilized. 

Class will be medium to high intensity, somewhat fast paced and include jumping motions. Recommended footwear: gym/sport shoes, boots without heel or padded jazz-like slippers. Or barefoot!! Your choice.

Bring water, a towel and your smile! Yallah!

Sunday 14 November

Workshop 15 – Maizena, Denmark maizena grøn
Time: 10.00-12.00
Level: Intermediate and up
Theme: Inspiration on how to take the stage
Description: Do you need inspiration on how to make an interesting entrance without giving it all away in the first two minutes? In the classical pieces the intro often consists of the same rhythms and build up, leaving you with little inspiration for making it your own. So, let’s change that and find ways to give your entrance some “oomph”. 

We will look at different elements that combined will help your creativity; techniques, combinations, patterns, pace and the magic of 3. Together we will play with the different elements – there are no fixed answers, only possibilities.

Workshop 16 – David Abraham, Argentina_F2F7182-1
Time: 10.00-12.00
Level: Intermediate – Advanced
Theme: Pop Song
Description: If you know and love the way David dances a pop song, then you can’t miss this workshop! Using a variety of  techniques and adding a modern touch, we will explore a super pop song with romantic music and feelings.

What’s not to like?

Workshop 17 – Khader Ahmad, Germany/Libanon Khaderbea
Time: 10.00-12.00
Level: Open level
Theme: How to improvise to live tabla
Description: Take this opportunity and be guided through the build-up of a drum solo – seen from the drummer’s point of view!

Meet Khader Ahmad, one of the finest drummers and get a chance to hear and dance your way through the dum tak system. 

This workshop is recommended for dancers participating in our drum solo competition and dancers who’d like to try but who prefer the safety over a dance studio to a big stage.

All workshops and the Intensive corse are held at our venue or close by:
Glostrup Hallen, Stadionvej 88, 2600 Glostrup.

Intensive – Special offer for Association Members valid in the period 15-31 May
DKK 2,795 (€375)
Intensive with Kathreen Derouet: DKK 2,995 (€400)

Workshop prices before 1 September – Early bird:
One workshop: DKK 400 (€55)
Two workshops: DKK 780 (€105)
Three workshops: DKK 1140 (€153)
Four workshops: DKK 1480 (€200)
Five workshops: DKK 1800 (€240)
Six workshops: DKK 2120 (€285)

Workshop prices from 1 September – 31 October
One workshop: DKK 450,- (€60)
Two workshops: DKK 880,- (€118)
Three workshops: DKK 1285,- (€172)
Four workshops: DKK 1665,- (€223)
Five workshops: DKK 2025,- (€272)
Six workshops: DKK 2385,- (€320)

Workshops prices from 1 November and On-the-door sale – NO discount
Price per workshop with a duration of two hours DKK 500 (€65)
NO discounts!

Unfortunately we cannot accept credit cards at the venue
You can pay with cash and PayPal on-the-door
DKK and Euro are accepted on-the door– If you wish to pay with Euro we only accept notes and the right amount of money – no change given.

Registration for Intensive or workshops

Please fill out the application here to register for workshops.

Please fill out the application here to register for the Intensive.

  • After we have received your application, we will send you a confirmation e-mail including an invoice with your order. Please note that you are NOT signed up until you have confirmation from the organizers and have paid the invoice.
  • Please, do NOT make the payment before you have the confirmation and an invoice from the organizers
  • Payment is non-refundable. Should you be unable to participate you may choose to transfer your place at the workshop to a third party – remember to advise us via e-mail so we can change the festival passport.
  • In case of cancellation by the organizers please see cancallation policy.
  • By sending the form you confirm that you have understood and accepted our general information including payment and cancellation policy.
  • All participants will receive an e-mail with practical information approximately one week before the festival.
  • If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via

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