A special thanks to our sponsors 2019
If you would like to be one of our festival sponsor please seek more information at the end of this page or contact us via mail@DanishOpenBellydance.dk for more information.

  • Innographic logo_Danmarks_Hurtigste-2015INNOGRAPHIC, located in Albertslund, has been very helpful with printing different PR materials, workshop brochures, posters and programmes for the show.
    Without their spsonsorship it would not be possible for us to make such great printed materials for you to enjoy.
    Please visit: www.Innographic.dk


  • 3D LaserFoto – ByO
    The beautifull glass trophies for have since 2012 been created and sponsored by 3D LaserFoto By O.
    All participants in all categories who gain first, second or third prize will get a trophy
    To contact 3D LaserFoto ByO please contact telephone: 2091 5636.
  • Skovgaard vine will be sponsoring wine for all participants and for our GREAT support staff.
    Skovgaard vine is located in: Brøndby (close to Glostrup were DOBD is held), Slagelse, Hornslet, Birkerød, Give and Vejle.
    You can of cause also buy via their webshop: Skovgaardvine.dk
    Remember, at Skovgaard you can always taste the wine before you buy.
  • Banner
    ALL winners of Danish Open bellydance 2019 will recieve a voucher valid for 2020 for one free competition entry and one free workshop
  • Føtex Roskilde
    Will be sponsoring beautilful roses for all the competition participants as well as bouquets for the special few 😉
    Glostrup Storcenter 50
    2600 Glostrup
  • LangesGuldsmed
    Lange – Jewlery will be sponsoring beautifull suprice gift.
    You can find the jewlerystore on Storgade 30A, 4180 Sorø
    Sorø is one of the beautifull historical cities worth visiting in Denmark so when you visit Sorø visit Lange  Or you can buy online via www.guldsmedlange.dk/

The following bazars will be sponsoring prizes

– All bazars will be present in the bazar area during the festival weekend where you can visit them from two hours befor show-start.
Read more about the bazars on the competition facebook site:

  • Emann Zaki
    EmanZaki 1
    Will be sponsorting a costume for the winner of the Grand Diva competition
    To learn more about Eman zakis Golden Loutus studio please go to: Eman Zaki bellydance store or visit her FB
  • Aida Style
    Will be sponsoring professional assesories for some lucky participnat.
    To visit Aida Styles homepage please go to: aida-style.com or her on on FB 
  • Maher Kish bazar
    Will be sponsoring technique lesson for the winners of the group category.
    Maher can be contacted on mobile: +45 28574851 or visit his FB
  • Amalia Design
    Amalia_logo red
    Will be sponsoring beautifull jewlery.
    She will also lent jewelery for hosteses and organizers to wear on stage during the festival
    Amalia Design can be vistited on her homepage or on FB
  • Perlebazaren
    – Will be sponsoring sewing kit and ‘bling’ to no 1, 2 and 3 in the Tomorrow’s Stars category. Visit Perlebazaren on FB:

  • Rayana Design
    Will be sponsoring 3 gift voucheres valid for: 25% discount – 20% discount and 15% discount on her costumes.
    Visit Rayana Design on: FB
  • HannaMass_Logo
    Hanna Mass 
    will be sponsoring three assesories sets
    Hanna can be contacted via Mail  or visit their FB page

The following festivals will be sponsoring prizes

  • OrientalCoctail_Logo
    Oriental Coctail festival (Belgium) will be sponsoeing the following prizes vaid for their festival:
    – Soloists winner: Free entry and three free workshops
    – Soloists 2nd place: Free entry and two free workshops
    – Soloists 3rd place: Free entry and one free workshops
    – Tomorrow’s Stars winner: Free entry and three free workshops
    – tomorrow’s Stras 2nd place: Free entry and two free workshops
    – Tomorrow’s Starsr 3rd place: Free entry and one free workshops
    To learn more, please contact the festival is organizer Viloetta
    E-mail: violetta_dance@hotmail.com
    or info@orientalcocktailbellydancefestival.com
    Homepage: orientalcocktailbellydancefestival.com/EN/Teacher_Violetta
  • Azure_Festival_logo_edit
    Azure Festival (Riga, Latvia)
    Organized by Irinita Juman since 2011.
    Will be sponsoring the following prizes for their festival
    – Soloists Live winner: Free entry and one free workshops
    – Grand Divas winner: Free entry and one free workshops 
    – Oriental Fusion Solos winner: Free entry and one free workshops
    Group winner: Free entry and one free workshops
    – Oriental Fusion Group winner: Free entry and one free workshops
    Read more about the festival here: www.azurefestival.lv
    Contact the organizer: irinita_juman@yahoo.com

Danish Open Bellydance – Collaborators

Photographer: Thomas Buchberg


Videophotographer: Martin Beck

Would you like to become a Danish Open Bellydance sponsor or collaborator?

Sponsor our dancers, hosts, entertainment, live music ect. You choose how much.
You will get your contact information here on our website, on our Facebook site and in our printed programme if you donate a sponsored prize.

If you wish to book a bazar stall at the venue during the festival weekend please contact us via mail to learn more mail@DanishOpenBellydance.dk.
The price for a stall starts at is just DKK 750 (Euro 100).

Buy an add in our printed programme
Logo plus contact information (small size): DKK 250 (Euro 35)
1/4 page: DKK 400 (Euro 55)
1/2 page: DKK 700 (Euro 95)
1/1 page: DKK 1200 (Euro 160)

Other donations… please contact ud for bigger sponsorships which will include more PR for YOU!


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