Our history

The trophies are created and sponsored by 3D LaserFoto, Tlf.: 70203220, http://www.3DLaserFoto.dk. Photo: Thomas Buchberg

The first Danish Open Bellydance was held in Roskilde near Copenhagen in November 2012. And since 2013, the festival has been located in Glostrup, just 12 km from the heart of Copenhagen.

In just a few years, the competitions and festival has grown to be one of Northern Europe’s biggest. We are so grateful for all the support we get from dancers all over the world.

Due to COVID-19, our 2020 edition went online with both workshops and online Gala show.

November 2021 was be the festival’s 10-year jubilee.

Over the years, we have had great teachers to give workshops, perform and judge our competitions:

Marcus M. Goodarzi (Denmark), Bilal Irshed (Palestine/Denmark), Marie Møller Jensen (Denmark), Margarita Kamjaka (Latvia), Dud Muurmand (Denmark), David Abraham (Argentina), Jillina Carlano (USA), Luna (Mexico), Sabah Saeed (USA), Jasirah (Poland), Anna of Sweden (Sweden), Hanan (Sweden), Laura Zarey (Finland), Maizena (Denmark) Shalymar (Germany) Rachel Reynolds (USA), Kathreen Derouet (Czech Republic), Eman Zaki (Egypt), Siri Ydstie (Norway), Anna Barner (Denmark), Guy Schalom (UK) and his Baladi Blues Ensemble, Yasmina of Cairo (Egypt/UK), Khader Ahmad (Germany), Sadie (USA), David Abraham (Argentina), Esmeralda Colabone (Brazil), Lena Helt (Sweden), Cristina Dore (Italy), Suraiya Ibrahim (Poland), Maher Kish (Egypt/Denmark), Sharon Blade (Germany), Aliah (Poland), Noura (Denmark), Suzzanne Potempa (Denmark), Mercedes Nieto (Hungray), Khaled Mahmoud (Egypt), Azad Kaan (Germany/Turkey), Lena Helt (Sweden), Fatma Zidan (Egypt/Denmark), Dominika (Poland), Mohammed Zaki (Egypt/Germany), Diva Darina (Ukraine), Benedikte Solberg (Denmark), John Rinaldo Jonassen (Denmark), Bseisa (Germany), Mohanned Hawaz (Iraq/Sweden), Anna Borisova (Russia), Fereshteh (England/Cairo), Hilde Lund (Norway), Lena Astrid (Denmark), Yallar (Latvia), Mahdy Emara (Egypt/Holland), Selina Sevil (Sweden), Tine Valois (Denmark), Fatima Serin (Germany/Turkey), Outi of Cairo (Finland/Egypt), Sirke Seppänen (Finland), Pouline Friis Lunau (Denmark).

Merrild and Noura

Looking forward to be seeing you in Denmark in November.
Merrild and Noura


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