Open stage

In 2016 we introduced an Open stage at our festival – with great success. The choice of music and genre is up to the participants.

On Open Stage in 2017 you will see – listed in dance order:

  1. Sharbilicious. Group from Denmark
  2. Petunia. Soloist from Brønshøj, Denmark
  3. Lill and Trude. Duo from Norway
  4. Summer. Soloist from Holbaek, Denmark
  5. Red Jasmine. Duo from Sweden
  6. Reenah. Soloist from Madison, Wisconsin, USA
  7. Abriza. Soloist from Aalborg, Denmark
  8. Asynja Tribal. Group from, Brønshøj, Denmark
  9. Lakshmihan. Soloist from Valby, Denmark
  10. Blue Orchids – Lena Astrid with group. Copenhagen, Denmark
  11. Victoria Paulsen. Soloist from Valby, Denmark
  12. Morjana Orient. Soloist from Alexandria, Egypt/France
  13. Jammal. Duo from Lejre and Greve, Denmark.
  14. Ulduz Salimian. Soloist from Farum, Denmark

Applications for Open Stage 2017 is closed.

The Open stage is primary for solo dancers and groups who do not participate in our competitions.

Basic principles for the Open stage programme are:
– Part of the programme is open for workshop participants, up to a limited number of dancers.
– Part of the programme is put together by the organizers, with full artistic freedom to create a varied show on professional level. This means that there might be dancers appearing who are not workshop participants.

There is a maximum of 4 minutes pr. performer.

SONY DSCYour host for the show Friday will be Anne Birgitte Skovholm Hedegaard. Your hostess is an experienced dancer and presenter who will make sure that the show will all go well 🙂

Anne Birgitte also goes under the name AB and hosted the Open Stage 2016 as well.


Open stage application

Our Application will open for our 2018 edition in December 2017.