Taste of the Orient

The Taste of the Orient Show will forms the last part of the programme on Sunday. The choice of music and genre is up to the dancers participating.

For more info on how to purcase your tickets click here.

In 2023 you will see (in no particular order):

    • Project X by Noura
    • Fariytale Intensive by Laura Zarey
    • Ada Totolan, Romania/Denmark

Basic principles for the show programme are:
– The programme is put together by the organizers, with full artistic freedom to create a varied show on a professional level. This means that there might be dancers appearing who are not festival participants.

– Part of the programme may be open for workshop participants, up to a limited number of dancers. You have to participate in workshops and have bought a ticket for the show. You also need to send a video and a photo together with your application to be considered.

There is a maximum of 3-4 minutes per performer.