In 2017 Danish Open Bellydance offers 13 workshops, plus a FREE BELLY DANCE BEGINNERS’ CLASS.
Workshops are held Friday, Saturday & 
Sunday 10-12 November
Please note that ALL workshops will be taught in English
– Description of each event can be seen below.

– General information, how to register and prices are found at the bottom of the page.
– The colors indicate the availability of the workshops right now. Red:Fully booked. Orange: Limited space. Green: OK availability


FRIDAY 10 November:

Workshop 1 – Mercedes Nieto, Hungary – Limited space
Level: Mix / open level
Theme: Technique class
Description: Learn an expressive but natural dance style and a healthy approach to the oriental dance technically and artistically

Workshop 2 – Khaled Mahmoud, Egypt/UK 
Level: Advanced
Theme: Oriental Majence Tableau (NOT Tabla)
Description: Technique and combinations and explaining the difference between Majense and Tablow

with Benedikte Solberg Jensen, Denmark
17.00-18.00 (Come and join us –  show up at the venue foyer at 17.00)
Level: Beginner/Begynder
Theme: Introduction to Oriental Belly dance/Introduktion til mavedans
Description: If you have never tried belly dance before and you are curious about how you can control your muscles and make your hips move – then this workshop is just the right one for you!
Belly dance is great exercise and you gain a strong body and learn how to move in an elegant and feminine way.
Everybody is welcome to join us for this introductory class.
Bring your friends, your sister, your mother or even your grandmother for a fun and exciting lesson before you go in and enjoy the competition and show.

To secure a spot for the free beginners’ class, please sign up by sending us an e-mail at – remember to include your name, mobile number and e-mail address.

SATURDAY 11 November

Workshop 3 – Azad Kaan, Turkey/Germany
Level: intermediate – advanced
Theme: Technique al’Azad
Description: This is a typical Oriental Technique Class of Azad in order to work clearly on the basic of our dance. The posture of a dancer, the port de bras (arm movements) for oriental dance, Arabesque-Improvement-Exercises and of course our amazing hip drills. Azad will give you a detailed overview about technical movements to enrich your repertoire with it, and have the opportunity to work with yourself in a funny way.

Workshop 4 – Khaled Mahmoud, Egypt/UK
Level: Open Level
Saidi Cabaret Style
Technique and Combinations and explaining the difference between Folkloric and Caberet Style.
Please bring your own Assaya/cane for this workshop

Workshop 5 – Dominika Suchecka, Poland
Intermediate to advanced
(you should have danced belly dance for minimum 6-12 month or more)
Cairo finesse – Classical egyptian song  interpretation
Description: This is a technique focused workshop in which Dominika will introduce you to ways of Egyptian stylisation of movements for more expressive, enjoyable, feminine and sensual dance.
We will also learn short choreography combining those movements and talk about the proper and stylish interpretation of Egyptian music.

Workshop 6 (FULLY BOOKED) – Mercedes  Nieto, Hungary
Level: Advanced / professional
Theme: Combination workshop
Description: At this workshop, we will work with musicality, using different challenging middle-eastern music styles especially in classical style to understand the layers of the music and the layers of our combination possibilities

Workshop 7 – Azad Kaan, Turkey/Germany
Level: Advanced
Theme: Drumsolo
Drumsssssss… accents, juicy hips, shimmies and extravagant moves are always the attributes of Azad’s Drum solos in order to wake up your audience. A short but funtastic drumsolo a l’Azad for performances of every kind. Rich on dynamic and big moves. Don’t miss THAT choreography.

Workshop 8 – Lena Helt, Sweden
Open Level
Theme: Mahagranat
Description: Mahagranat is the new street sharbi from Cairo and the hottest trend right now. Come and learn some now moves for the dance floor. Lena will teach you a short and playful choreography. Bring shoes for dancing – as there will be some jumping – be good to your feet.

Workshop 9 – Khaled Mahmoud, Egypt/UK
Level: Open Level
Oriental Song
Technique and Combinations

Workshop 10 – Fatma Zidan, Egypt/Denmark
Level: Open Level
Understanding the Arabic music
Come and learn more about the Arabic music. In the workshop Fatma will guide you through the theme with examples of melodies, instruments and the way they are arranged and especially focus on the vocal expression. Elements that make you able to better interpret the music you dance to. Fatma will continually draw parallels to the expectations to you as a dancer who needs express the music.
The workshop is addressed to both dancers and musicians who want to gain a greater understanding of the Arab music features and styles.
If you are lucky you will get a taste of Fatma’s lovely voice and even try out the Arabic singing your self.

SUNDAY 12 November

Workshop 11 – Dominika Suchecka, Poland
Level: Intermediate to advanced
(you should have danced belly dance for minimum 6-12 month or more)
Theme: Crazy shaabi with assaya (Cairo style)
During this workshop, you will learn fun, sexy and very Egyptian choreography by Dominika to one of the biggest shaabi hits of our time.
Please, bring your own cane (assaya).

Workshop 12 – Azad Kaan, Turkey/Germany
Level: Intermediate to Master
Theme: Raqs sharki Choreo (modern or classic)
Raqs sharki is the main category of Middle East Dances. It looks very easy, but unfortunately nowadays oriental dancers started to forget to create a real Raqs sharki choreography without mixing the new-style oriental dances. Azad will teach you a wonderful and amazing Raqs sharki choreography as opener of all of your shows with his unique and inspiring style and with the influence of contemporary dance moves without changing the the authencity of Belly dance. Azad is explaining all steps and moves step-by-step and in the End of the class of course filming is always allowed.

Workshop 13 – Mercedes  Nieto, Hungary
Level: Intermediate  / advanced
Theme: Oriental song in a modern interpretation

Private lessons with the Danish Open Bellydance judge and teachers who are menitoned below are available during Danish Open Bellydance on both Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Price for a 50-60 minute private lesson DKK 750 (Euro 100) per lesson, unless different is stated.
If your are interested please contact the organizers at

  • Khaled Mahmoud
  • Azad Kaan
  • Dominika Suchecka

All workshops are held at our venue or close by:
Glostrup Hallen, Stadionvej 88, 2600 Glostrup.

Prices before 1 November:
One workshop DKK 350 (€47)
Two workshops DKK 620 (€84)
Three workshops DKK 840 (€113)
Four workshops DKK 1090 (€146)
Five workshops DKK 1300 (€175)

There will be added 50 DKK to the amount above if you choose workshop 1 or 2 (3 hours workshop).

After 1 November and on-the-door sale (DKK only)
One workshop DKK 400,-
Two workshops DKK 700,-
Three workshops DKK 950,-
Four workshops DKK 1250,-
Five workshops DKK 1550

There will be added 50 DKK to the amount above if you choose workshop 1 or 2 (3 hours workshop).

Registration for workshops 

  • Your registration is valid as soon as Danish Open Bellydance has received your registration by e-mail as well as your payment.
    Payment is non-refundable. Should you be unable to participate you may choose to transfer your place at the workshop to a third party.
  • In case of cancellation by the organizers you will receive a full refund.

Payment for the workshops, can be made to Danske Bank:

  • 1551 Account nr. 11046355
  • SWIFT: DABADKKK       IBAN: DK0530000011046355

If you are a resident outside Denmark and choose to pay by bank transfer, please make sure to accept to pay all fees in connection with the transfer in order for Danish Open Bellydance to receive the full amount – No bank cost sharing.
You can also choose to pay by PayPal. If you choose this method, please let us know and we will send you a PayPal invoice including fee according to current PayPal regulations.

MobilePay: (+45) 50515760


2 thoughts on “Workshops

    • Hi Shirin
      The maximum number of workshops you can choose is 5. The price for five workshops is 1300 DKK or 175€.
      If you choose workshop 1 or 2 on Friday there will be an extra fee of 50 DKK (3 hour workshop).
      Hope to see you there. You are always welcome to write us

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