In 2018 Danish Open Bellydance offers 19 workshops with 11 great teachers, including a FREE BELLY DANCE BEGINNERS CLASS.
Workshops are held Friday, Saturday & 
Sunday 9-11 November 2018
Please note that ALL workshops will be taught in English
– Description of each event can be seen below. A Facebook event for both the festival and each workshop will be available for more information.

– General information, how to register and prices are found at the bottom of the page.
– The colors indicate the availability of the workshops right now.
Red: Fully booked.
Orange: Limited space.
Green: OK availability

FRIDAY 9 November:

Workshop 1 – Esmeralda Colabone, Brazil – 3 HOURS WORKSHOP
Time: 15.00-18.00
Level: Intermediate /Advanced level
Theme: Enta Omri
Description: It’s my pleasure to share with all of you this choreography to one of the most iconic Arabic songs of all times! Heart and precision is what you’ll need in this class which is full of intensity!
Technique, choreography, lyrics and much more!

Workshop 2 – Cristina Dore, Italy
Time: 16.00-18.00
Level: Open level
Theme: 7-Chakras
Description: Balancing belly dance movements and choreography
This workshop is aimed at anyone looking for physical and spiritual balance. We will discover how to achieve balance with specific movements from belly dance combined with the chakras, our seven energy centres. When the chakras are blocked, they can create emotional and physiological dysfunctions; when they are in balance, the body works perfectly and in time with the spirit.
We will conclude the workshop by learning an emotional choreography that can be used whenever we need to take an energetic “shower”.

with Suzzane Sofia Potempa, Denmark
Time: 17.00-18.00 – Come and join us –  Show up at the venue foyer at 16.45/ Kom og vær med – Mød op i Glostrup hallens foyer kl. 16.45
Everybody is welcome/Alle er velkomne
Level: Beginner/Begynder
Theme: Introduction to Oriental Belly dance/Introduktion til mavedans
Description (Dansk, se længere nede)If you have never tried belly dance before and you are curious about how you can control your muscles and make your hips move – then this workshop is just the right one for you!
Belly dance is great exercise and you gain a strong body and learn how to move in an elegant and feminine way.
Everybody is welcome to join us for this introductory class.
Bring your friends, your sister, your mother or even your grandmother for a fun and exciting lesson before you go in and enjoy the competition and show.

To secure a spot for the free beginners’ class, please sign up by sending us an e-mail at – remember to include your name, mobile number and e-mail address.

Kom og sæt dine hofter og mavemuskler max på prøve. Mavedans er udfordrende, sjovt og et hit i byen!
Tag din veninde, søster, mor eller din bedstemor under armen og kom til en helt gratis sjov og spændende time, inden du skal ind og underholdes af de professionelle dansere til årets Danish Open Bellydance.
Tilmelding: Send en mail til… Eller mød op på dagen. Mødetid kl. 16.45 i Glostrup Hallens foyer.
Efterfølgende kan du/I opleve en af Nordeuropas største festivaler i mavedans med konkurrencer, shows, workshops og bazar.
Køb billetter til konkurrencer og shows via

Workshop 20 – FREE JALLABINA CLASS – with Lena Helt and Amina El Mallah, Sweden
– Gratis workshop
Time: 15.45 – 16.45
Level: All levels
Theme: An introduction to the Jallabina concept

JALLABINA® is a revolutionary pre-choreographed dance fitness workout that fuses all kinds of Middle Eastern music and dance styles with modern day house beats and functional fitness moves.
The mix between upbeat and low tempo sultry Middle Eastern rhythms creates the perfect setting for a balanced workout where cardio and muscle toning movements are combined. But most importantly, IT’S SO MUCH FUN!

Remember to wear shoes!

SATURDAY 10 November

Workshop 4 – Azad Kaan, Turkey/Germany
Time: 10.00-12.00
Level: Intermediate /advanced level
Theme: Technique Class with Azad
Description: Technique is the most important basic part of your dance. Proper technique covers the correct execution of the movements and furthermore the passionate presentation of that movement. Azad will do a crossover technique class with you and guide you through his interesting movement vocabulary.

Workshop 5 – Suraiya Ibrahim, Poland 
Level: Intermediate/advanced
 In this workshop, we will learn an energetic and elegant choreography which is perfect for an opening dance or for competitions.
Please bring: a rectangle veil – both silk and chiffon is ok
(We have a few extra veils whis are available to borrow upon request via email when you register).

Workshop 6 
– Diva Darina, Ukraine – 3 HOURS WORKSHOP

 Advanced, but everybody will be able to follow the class
Description: In this workshop, we will focus on anatomy and the development ands trengthening of the muscles and joints. We will inspect each movement in belly dance to learn what part of the body is engaged in the execution of each movement. We will cover important aspects such as: the proper training of movements to avoid injury; caring for our muscles, ligaments and joints; how to practice safely and what to do if injury arises. It’s very important for any dancer to have a basic understanding of how the body works in order to improve their dance.

Workshop 7 – Aliah, Poland – INSPIRATION WORKSHOP, 50 MINUTES
Time: 10.00-10.50
Level: Open level
Theme: Be unique on stage
Description: Aliah will prepare theory and practice on how to find your own style. She will tell you some inspirational stories from her own experience and prepare a few dance fragments for the participants to try to do with their own style

Workshop 8 – Sharon Blade, Germany – INSPIRATION WORKSHOP, 50 MINUTES
Time: 11.10-12.00
Level: Open level (basic knowledge of belly dance necessary)
Theme: A Fusion Experience
Description: Basic movements of Tribal Fusion
Dip your finger into the world of Tribal Fusion and see the similarities and differences between belly dance and Tribal Fusion. While it is important to respect both styles, it is also important to recognize Fusion as its own dance style. Sharon will bring the magic of Tribal Fusion closer to you and will fuse the well-known with the new.


Workshop 9 – Azad Kaan, Turkey/Germany
Time: 12.30-14.30
Level: Advanced level
Theme: Oriental Choreography
Azad will bring you a wonderful oriental choreography with his special taste of elegance and sensuality. A short choreography which you can use on all stages in order to impress your audience.

Workshop 10 – Esmaralda Colabone, Brazil
Intermediate /Advanced level
Theme: Fusion from the Heart! ❤
Description: A mix of contemporary and classic technique together with belly dance to the voice of Adele!
A must-do workshop that will deal with a different alignment, flow and intensity!
Bring an open heart!

Workshop 11 –  Noura, Denmark
Time: 12.30-14.30
Level: Intermediate
Theme: Drum solo – Noura style
Description: “Darbuka Ya” from Khader Ahmad’s CD “Oriental Beats” will be our tune in this workshop. You will learn a choreography full of tempo, great rhythms and breaks.
In the workshop, we will also focus on the importance of you finding your own expression in the dance. You will also learn the names of the rhythms used in this piece of music and a quick guideline of how a drum solo is structured.

Workshop 12 – Maher Kish, Egypt/Denmark – INSPIRATION WORKSHOP, 50 MINUTES
Level: Open level
Folklore Shaabi
In this inspiration workshop we will go through the basic techniques for folklore dance and shaabi and if we have the time you might learn a short choreography.
Please bring:
your own assaya/cane – Type does not matter.
(We have a few extra assaya/cane available to borrow upon request via email when you register).


Workshop 13 – Diva Darina, Ukraine
Level: Advanced, but everybody will be able to follow the class
 Modern Muwashahat
Description: This workshop explores the history of the beautiful, old style Muwashahat. We will learn a modern choreography in the Muwashahat style.

Workshop 14 – Cristina Dore, Italy
Level: Intermediate level
Theme: Modern style technique and choreography with fan veils 
One of the most exciting props in oriental dance!
In this workshop we will focus on the correct posture of arms, wrists and back, and we will learn how to improve our balance in turns. We will work with fan veils and enhance the colours and lightness of the silk with aerial virtuosities and we will create scenographic effects with closed and open fans, covering and discovering our body. We will let the energy flow out of our hands into a choreography that moves us and excites the audience.
Please bring: Fan veils
(We have a few extra fan veils available to borrow upon request via email when you register).

Workshop 15 – Suraiya Ibrahim, Poland
Level: Advanced
In this workshop you will learn a choreography that will focus on emotions, mature interpretation, feeling and understanding. We will not be dancing to music, we will try to become the music.

Workshop 16 – Khader Ahmed, Palestine/Germany
Level: Open level – The workshop will be for beginners as well as advanced.
Playing the tabla
This workshop is for all who is interested in Arabic rhythms – musicians as well as dancers. Come and join if you like to know more about dealing with Arabic Rhythms diversity and special “ornaments”.
Participants will be taught basic Arabic rhythms and techniques with the aim of learning a little Darabuka solo.
Please bring: your own drum.
(We have a few extra drums available to borrow upon request via email when you register)

SUNDAY 11 November

Workshop 17 – Esmaralda Colabone, Brazil
Time: 10.00-12.00
Level: Open Level
Theme: Dancing George Wassouf
Technique and choreography to one of the most famous voices in from the Middle East!
I’ll tell you the history about this amazing singer, why he’s so important, translate the song and of course, teach you an amazing choreography!

Workshop 18 – Azad Kaan, Turkey/Germany
Time: 10.00-12.00
Level: From beginners up to advanced level
Theme: How to be sensual
This sensual class will give your movements the special touch in order to touch others.
Azad will do combinations and techniques from contemporary dance arts as well as modern oriental. Find the path which connects your body with your feelings.

Workshop 19 – Diva Darina, Ukraine
Time: 10.00-12.00
Level: Advanced, but everybody will be able to follow the class
Theme: Lyrical song
This workshop captures the essence of Diva Darina style! We will explore a beautiful and sensual choreography to a modern Arabic pop song. Darina will teach how to express emotion in the dance and also share her unique technique for arm movements and breathing to enhance emotional expression.


All workshops are held at our venue or close by:
Glostrup Hallen, Stadionvej 88, 2600 Glostrup.

Prices before 1 October – Early bird:
One workshop DKK 350 (€50)
Two workshops DKK 665 (€90)
Three workshops DKK 965 (€130)
Four workshops DKK 1245 (€165)
Five workshops DKK 1500 (€200)

There will be added 50 DKK (€7) to the amount above if you choose a workshop with a duration of 3 hours (workshop no. 1 or 6).

INSPIRATION WORKSHOPS, 50 minutes (no. 7+8+12) DKK 150 (20€)

After 1 October
One workshop DKK 400,- (€55)
Two workshops DKK 760,- (€100)
Three workshops DKK 1100,- (€150)
Four workshops DKK 1420,- (€190)
Five workshops DKK 1720 (€230)

There will be added 50 DKK (€7) to the amount above if you choose a workshop with a duration of 3 hours (workshop no. 1 or 6).

INSPIRATION WORKSHOPS, 50 minutes (nr. 7+8+12) DKK 175 (25€)

On-the-door sale – NO discount
Price per workshop with a duration of two hours DKK 400 (€55)
Price per workshop with a duration of three hours DKK 450 (€60)
Price per workshop with a duration of 50 minutes DKK 175 (€25)

MobilePay and cash DKK is accepted on-the door – If you wish to pay with Euro we only accept notes and the right amount of money – no change.

Registration for workshops 

  • Please fill out this application form to register for workshops (pdf).
    You can write directly in the pdf.
    PLEASE NOTE, if you participate in a competition please fill out the application form here..  You can as a competition participant sign up for workshops on the competiton registration form.
  • Your registration is valid as soon as Danish Open Bellydance has received your registration by e-mail as well as your payment
    – We will send you a confirmation mail and an invoice.
    Payment is non-refundable. Should you be unable to participate you may choose to transfer your place at the workshop to a third party.
  • In case of cancellation by the organizers you will receive a full refund.

Payment for the workshops can be made via:

Bank transfer to Danske Bank:

  • 1551 Account nr. 11046355
  • SWIFT: DABADKKK       IBAN: DK0530000011046355

If you are a resident outside Denmark and choose to pay by bank transfer, please make sure to accept to pay all fees in connection with the transfer in order for Danish Open Bellydance to receive the full amount – No bank cost sharing.
Alternative you can add DKK 50 (€10) from the total amount.

You can also choose to pay by PayPal (PayPal account:
If you choose this method, please note, that due to fees and changing rate PayPal will be added 5% from total amount.
Please let us know if you wish us to send you a PayPal invoice.

MobilePay: 27827 MobilePay is only possible if you live in Denmark.

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