Below you can find the answers to many of your questions. But if you can’t, please do not hesitate to write us an e-mail: mail@DanishOpenBellydance.dk

What is my timelimit?
For exact timelimits please read the rules for your category
Short graceperiods are given (we will not stop your music if it is ect. 3.03 and the limit is 3.00 ect.).

Can I get someone to film my own performance?
Audience members are allowed to film the shows during the weekend provided it is done from theri seat. It is NOT allowed to stand up and move closer for a better view/film posibility.
This applies to all competition categories and shows.
Participants can book a professional video and photos from the organizers. The price can be found at the page ‘prices and payment’.

Still photos can be taken by the audiens thrughout the shows provided they do NOT use flash.

Spice up the music
As you can read in the rules, you are allowed to “spice up” your music. This means that you can have a short passage of other kinds of music than oriental. But only a short passage of e.g. 20 – 60 seconds, not e.g. half or more of your performance…

For how long am I to use my prop and can I use more than one?
It is up to you for how long you wish to use your prop while you are on stage. The important thing is that you show the judges that you can control your prop. It is up to you to decide whether you need 10 seconds or the full time limit to do so.
You may use more than one prop during your time on stage.

Do we enter on the right or on the left side of the stage (from the audience point of view)?
The stage is built especially for Danish Open Bellydance and it will be possible to enter from both sides of the stage. Of course you can also start on stage if you wish.
You can find pictures of the stage on the festival Facebook in the photo-album ‘venue’ and a venue drawing on the page ‘venue’

Can I change the number I go on stage?
No. The dance order is decided by a draw and we do not change that order.

Can I bring a prob on stage during my improvisation round?
No – you will not know the type of music which will be played so it would not be nice to go on stage for your impro to a zaidi with your fanveils 😉

If I participate in more than one category do I then pay entry fee for both?
Yes, you have to pay an entry fee for each of the categories in which you are competing but there will be a discount for the second category.
The prices and discounts can be found at the entry formulae.

Is the entry fee for groups per group or per person?
The entry fee is per person. E.g. if there are four dancers in a group the entry fee you need to pay is 4 x DKK XX,-

If I am between 38-40 years can I enter in both the Soloist and the Grand Diva category?
No, you will have to choose to participate in one of the two categories. Which one is up to you.

Can I participate in both Tomorrow’s Stars, Grand Divas and Soloists live?
No, depending on your level (and order from prior participation in DOBD) you will be directed to one of the three categories. You can combine the categories with other solos e.g. Fusion og Tabla solo live.

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