When entering (NOT updated for 2018)

This page is information for our participants, should you choose to join one of our competitions. You will not receive further information besides what we have written below before the festival weekend. But should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at mail@DanishOpenBellydance.dk  and we will do our best to help you.

Please make sure you have read and understood the rules and categories.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you at Danish Open Bellydance and we will do our very best to give you the best possible experience.

Even though you are competitors during Danish Open Bellydance, please remember that you are also colleagues. Please take good care of each other backstage, lend a helping hand, and endeavour to maintain a friendly and supportive atmosphere throughout.

Good luck to you all and remember to have fun on stage as well as backstage 🙂


Noura and Merrild


  • Pay the invoice for the entry fee(s) we have enclosed in the mail you recieve from us when entering.
    If you are a resident outside Denmark you have the option to pay via PayPal/credit card. Please let us know and we will send you an invoice.
    Please note that all fees must be paid by the sender for any type of payments.
    If we do not receive the full
     amount your registration will not be approved.
    If you choose to add e.g. workshops, dormitory, photos etc. to your order, a new invoice will be sent.
  • Send us your photos
    – One photo in costume (full figure),
    – One photo in half figure or portrait of your choice,
    – Groups will of course need to send a group photo with all the participants visible.Pictures must be emailed as an attached jpg-file with a resolution of 300 dpi. Please state the photographer’s name or if the picture is private. Please note that it is your responsibility that you have the full rights to the pictures and that Danish Open Bellydance are free to use the photos for promotion.
  • Send us a short biography/presentation (only for participants residing in Denmark – will be used in e.g. press releases). The biography/presentation must be written in Danish and be between 500 and 800 characters.

Pictures and biography can be sent to: mail@DanishOpenBellydance.dk

If you have participated in the competition before we will find and use a picture of you from a prior competition unless you send us new one within 7 days.


1 September 2017

  • Registration for the competition closes. Registration fees etc. must be paid by this date.

1 October 2017

  • Information about your music – the name of the piece you have chosen and the artist’s name.
  • Name of choreographer if you have not made the choreography yourself – for Soloists and Grand Divas, it is obligatory that you have made your own choreography.
  • What props you have chosen – for Tomorrow’s Stars, use of props is obligatory and for Oriental Fusion, Groups, Grand Divas, and Soloists it is optional.
    If you need help to place your prop on stage before your performance you can tell the support staff backstage upon arrival and check-in.
  • Whether you will be starting your performance on stage or off stage.

Any other information which the organizers should know.

1 November 2017

  • Ordering you pictures,
  • Booking your professional video, or buying your video pass,
  • Buying your participant competition/show ticket and buffet ticket,
  • Ordering a place in the dormitory,
  • Booking workshops,
  • Deadline for early-bird prices.

Make sure the music is within the time limit stipulated in the rules. If you exceed the time limit, your music will be stopped.

If you choose not to send your music to the technician (Mikkel) you can bring it on a CD or a USB stick on the competition day and hand it over when you check in backstage – you might want to bring a CD/USB stick anyway as a precaution should something go wrong.

Please note that your music must be on one CD or a USB drive which ONLY contains the music you will be using in the competition.
It is your own responsibility to get your CD/USB drive back after the competition has ended.

Please label your CD/USB drive as follows:

  • Your name (Artist  or Group name)
  • Category (Oriental Fusion, Tomorrow’s Stars, Group, Grand Diva, Soloist)
  • Your number in the dance order (this will be published after the draw of dance order here)

Send your music in advance – Deadline 1 November:
You have the option of uploading your music in advance to our sound engineer Mikkel, who will be controlling the sound during the festival weekend.
The music can be uploaded in WAW, MP3 or similar format via the links to Dropbox found below.
If you have any questions you are welcome to contact Mikkel via e-mail at mikkel@allroundsound.dk or the organizers at mail@DanishOpenBellydance.dk.

To make sure the right music is played when you go on stage, it is very important that you remember to name your music correctly before you upload it.

Please name the music file as follows:

  • Your name (Artist or Group name)
  • Category (Oriental Fusion, Tomorrow’s StarS, Group, Grand Diva, Soloist)
  • Your number in the dance order (this will be published after the draw of dance order here.

Links to Dropbox folders where you can upload your music:

Please see price list enclosed in the email you get when you enter for the price of the photo package, professional video, video pass etc. Pre-order can be made to the organizers via e-mail.
If purchased during the competition weekend, the payment must be made in Danish kroner.

A photographer hired by the organizers will be present and you can pre-order your pictures.
Still photos taken by the audience during the competition will be allowed, though only with the camera flash turned off.

Video Pass (Please note, a video pass is not the same as a professional video)
Participants can buy a Video Pass, which gives them permission to have a third party film their own performance.
Please be aware that you will need to bring your own video camera and that you will have to find a person to film. Each dancer or group is allowed to buy one video pass. The video pass is valid for filming your own or your group’s performance – NOT the improvisation rounds where other participants are with you on the stage, the announcement of winners, other performers etc.
A designated area near table 10 will be announced where the filming of your performance can take place – nowhere else. The designated area is not directly in front of the stage since this will disturb the audience too much.

Professional video
A professional video photographer hired by the organizers will be present during the festival and you must pre-order your video. The video photographer will only film the dancers who have pre-ordered.

Video filming by the audience, participants or anybody else without a valid Video Pass is NOT permitted. Violation will cause expulsion from the venue and from the festival area. 

Pictures can be seen in our Facebook  album ‘Venue’.

The stage measures 6x10x1 meters. You can enter the stage from both sides. There will be a fairly steep staircase up before you enter the stage – there will be a railing to hold on to. On top of the staircase you walk straight onto the stage.

The stage floor is wooden – painted black. The stage curtain (background) will be black with the Danish Open Bellydance logo in the middle.
Stage light will be standard for all participants – white front light to illuminate dancers.

The judging panel will be placed in front of the stage for best and full view of the participants when performing.

Live streaming via Facebook

On Sunday 10 September 2017 at 14.00 (Local time) we will conduct the draw for the dancing order. This will be done with live video streaming so you can follow the result.

All you need to do is follow the link which we will announce on the Danish Open Bellydance Facebook page shortly before the streaming goes live. Even if you do not have a Facebook account you can still visit the page and get the link as it is a public page.

Shortly after the draw has taken place, the result can be found on under Participants.

(Soloist, Grand Diva and Tomorrow’s Stars)

The participants in the categories Soloist and Grand Diva will be doing their improvisation to live music. This year to Fatma Zidan ensemble – instrumental. 4-6 dancers will be improvising at the same time as one group. The improvisation will have a duration of 4-5 minutes per group. For details about the music that will be played, please keep an eye on the participants page during the summer. We will also share the page on Facebook when there are updates.

Be aware – Final details will be presented backstage on the competition day and changes may occur! 🙂

Before the competition starts all participants in the Tomorrow’s Stars category will go on stage for a short improvisation. The music will be unknown.
The improvisation rounds for participants in the category  Tomorrow’s Stars will not be a part of the competition and will not be judged.

VENUE and check in

The competition, workshops and gala shows take place at Glostrup Hallen: Stadionvej 80, 2600 Glostrup.

Please arrive well before the time you are due to go on stage. Time listed in the time schedule are estimates only and might be changed.

All participants MUST check-in no later than 30 minutes before competition starts.


There will be mirrors backstage, but not enough for everyone to have their own for a longer period of time. We therefore encourage participants to do some of their make-up before arrival.

Backstage there will be tables and chairs for your comfort as well as a cloakroom area with hangers for your costumes and full size mirrors.

Make-up mirrors you will need to bring yourself.

Toilets are available in the backstage area.

Only participants and staff are allowed backstage at any and all times. NO family, friends, etc.

If you have any special needs, our support staff will do their best to assist you. There will be support staff to guide you and answer questions you might have at all times during the competition.

When your category is not on stage, we kindly ask you to leave the backstage area. Your bags and jackets can be deposited in the cloakroom. Participants are only allowed access to the backstage area on the day they are participating.


During both Friday, Saturday and Sunday, competing participants will be provided with coffee, tea and water, fruit and sweets in the backstage area. Please note that this is available to participants ONLY on days when they are competing (as they are not allowed in the backstage area on any other days).

You are also allowed to bring your own food and drink backstage.

It is also possible to buy both food and drink in the café area located at the venue throughout the weekend. The prices are reasonable and the food healthy and adjusted to the competition. You can see the selection and price list. By buying food and drinks in the café you will support the competition’s collaborators.

Participant tickets 
You are allowed to watch the other participants on the day you participate free of charge.

Participants who wish to watch the competitions/Gala shows/Open Stage on the days they do not participate can purchase a participant entry-ticket at a special price from the organizers via e-mail .
Please see price list enclosed in the mail you get when you enter for the price.
Tables will be reserved at the back of the venue. If you wish to be seated somewhere else, you must buy a ticket at full price.

If bought during the competition weekend, the payment must be made in Danish Kroner.

If you are looking for a hotel near the venue or want to stay at our venue created especially for participants, please look here.

We have a special deal with Glostrup Park Hotel where you can book your stay at a special price if you mention Danish Open Bellydance when you make your reservation.


It is our hope that Danish Open Bellydance will create a lot of positive publicity and the press will be invited to the event, of course.

Please note that it is important for us that it is the participants who are in “the spotlight” and we ask you to participate in any way possible should we be contacted by the media (TV appearances, magazines etc.).

Several press releases will be issued by the organizers before, during and after the competition.

Should you be contacted by the press, we ask you to be helpful – participate in interviews, TV spots and answer any questions they might have about belly dance and the competition. We wish to make belly dancing more popular and get as much positive focus on the dance as possible.

For the Danish participants, a press release to your local media will be sent out containing information based on your biography.

Links and #


Instagram: #DanishOpenBellydance

Snatpchat: #danishopenbelly

Twitter: #DOBellydance


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